3D Friends story / what we are doing

After being a part of youth work for a long time, 6 friends decided to combine their forces and create their own platform for opportunities. It all started in Christmas 2019 when after a video call we decided that it’s the time and after celebrating New year 2020 together in Georgia we came back home and started the New Year together by establishing our organisation of friends.

23rd January 2020 is the birthday of 3D Friends and that was the day when main goals were set – to implement the ideas of youth through various  projects, to find opportunities that support our ideas, to be creative and innovative, and to explore and use every given possibility that lies before us to fulfill our organization’s objectives:

traveling by car of a young couple of a guy and a girl


Veronica is a financial guru of the team. She is getting her Masters in project management and there is no project without her guidance.


Liza is never on the photos because she is the one who takes photos, she also keeps her eye on the visual identity of 3D Friends. She is studying Law and Business Psychology, so she always wants to be sure that 3D Friends does everything legal.


Diana is a person in our team who is always in a good mood. She is getting her Masters in IT, and in future we hope to develop our organisations digital skills.


Lika is the main representative person of the team, she is always there saying the best speeches. She is getting her bachelor in Politics. She has a huge youth work background and 3D Friends is the place where she brings her experience.


Viorika is a marketing guru, she built the digital marketing strategies for 3D Friends and is the one who understands all those scary Google ads.


Karina is where all the communication of 3D Friends is, she is great with all the partners and she has the best interviews. Karina always brings aesthetics by her presence.

Our target groups are

Currently we are an organization of 300 people. Our organization accepts all challenges of the 21st century and understands that youth work is not something that should happen regardless of the place, it is something that should be constant and in any space. With the problems of organizing events caused by the pandemic, we have found a new way of interaction and organize online meetings and games for young people.

We came up with a discussion format – 3D talks with friends from all over the world. On our platform, we share various digital tools on how to spend time usefully. We share opportunities in Europe using the capabilities of Eurodesk and information from the European Youth portal. As well, we were able to participate in networking events for youth organisation representatives looking for partners for their Translational Exchange Projects.


3D Friends

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