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1. We received an award from the Riga City Council for “Innovation”. 
2. We have become members of the Green Europe Ambassadors platform.
3. We spent the 3rd season of 3D Talks, where we talked with 5 experts from different fields and with our friends 😇
4. We were participants in the World Cancer Day campaign
5. We have launched a project and a theater studio within the framework of the “Think.Feel.Act ” project, where more than 70 young people participated. We are the first youth theater with hearing-impaired young people in Riga.
6. Our youth exchange project on social entrepreneurship in Riga was approved.
7. We created an incredible theatrical performance without words in ZOOM.
8. We made an exclusive 3-day program for young people about what youth projects are and how to write projects and helped with the submission.
9. We have become a Eurodesk informative point in Riga.
10. We have our studio, our House of Friends in the heart of Riga.
11. We have become a part of the #tapisarjauniesuenergiju campaign. The aim is to show the public and decision-makers that youth should be a priority at the national level and how important it is to invest in young people right now!
12. Participated in discussions about the rights of national minorities, active citizenship, and the importance of the youth movement.
13. Participated in the action on nature conservation.
14. We organized an event within the framework of the European Youth Week, where we shared about opportunities for young people in Europe, as well as shared about European youth goals and theatrical methods.
15. Organized sports events: basketball and Zumba. There were even prizes in our competition.
16. We conducted a 2-day training for teenagers aged 15-17 on media literacy within the framework of the #Chistonews project.
17. We organized a project in Georgia in cooperation with Young Folks. And we will share the result very soon.
18. We are sending and preparing participants for 3 projects now.
19. Participated in the days of Hanza in Riga.
20. We became mentors for international volunteers.
21. Participated in several broadcasts of Generation Z.

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