We opened our organization in 2020, time of pandemic and self-isolation, but we believe that we need to look for advantages in everything, so we started developing not only offline projects, but also online.

Our Projects



At the time when COVID-19 started, everyone was sitting at home in their countries, receiving fearful information from news portals about what is happening in the world now. We decided that it would be interesting to talk with our friends from other countries about what is happening and how they are, this is how 3D TALKS appeared. We had Instagram Lives every week in our account with people from Europe, Asia and America.

In autumn we started a new season, where we decided to speak not only about pandemic, but about our interesting friends, their hobbies/work and life in different countries. This season is in 3 languages – English, Latvian and Russian.
Prepare you questions and stay tuned!


We are used to constantly seeing our friends, both from Latvia and other countries, playing games and having fun. With the onset of the pandemic, all planes were canceled, we were closed at home, so we decided that every Friday evening we could meet online and play games together!

When the restrictions were lifted, we stopped playing online games, but with the arrival of the second wave, we decided to resume our games! Let’s play with us!

Virtual youth exchange ‘’Youth21’’

During the pandemic, we decided to make an educational project with teenagers, where 36 teenagers from 9 countries had the opportunity to develop their skills for 8 days. The project main aim was to develop 21st century skills for young people 15-17 y.o.

Every day they had live sessions with representers of different professions (blogger, musician, psychologist etc) and tasks for the day. At the end, together with our partners and participants, we decided to implement the project idea live and wrote the Erasmus+ project. Now we are waiting for the answer.


‘’EKO Pilsonis!’’ and ‘’Futurism’’

We received a grant for two initiatives from Riga City Council Education, Culture and Sport Department Youth Initiative Competition.

‘’EKO Pilsonis!’’

the aim of the project was promoting awareness of climate change and the impact of environmental pollution on nature, humans and animals, particularly in the marine and ocean environment.

We organised two meetings, at the first we spoke about what is happening in the world, how much microplastics enter our body every day, and most importantly, how we can help fight the situation. At the second meeting, we used our knowledge in practice by cleaning the seaside.


The aim of the project was to expand the sight of young people and to acquire new skills. We wanted to create new socialisation opportunities for young people and provide information on avant-garde art, thereby artistically developing participants. During the event we had a non-formal lecture about the history of Futurism and after everyone had an opportunity to create their own drawing in Futurism style.

‘’Theatre as a cultural heritage’’

Erasmus+ youth exchange project. This project we wrote and submitted not from NGO ‘’3D FRIENDS’’, but from our initiative group ‘’Theatre YF’’ with the help of NGO ‘’Young Folks’’, but all the team who worked on that project are heads of ‘’3D FRIENDS’’ organization now. Aim of this project was: 35 participants from 18-26 years old, from 7 different countries who are national minorities will gain knowledge about the culture, customs and traditions of the countries in which they live through the theater and its history. This project means a lot for our organization, partly this project served the opening of our organization.


3D Friends

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